One World Shop and Education Centre, Hull, UK.

One World, Hull

The Story so far.

Back in the pre-historic days of 1981 Mick gave Chris and Peter's son, Ross, a lion hand-puppet made from jute. The puppet had been bought from a fledgling company called Traidcraft, who had been in existence since 1979. The puppet came from "The Jute Works" in Bangladesh.

"Oooh, that's nice", said Pete.
"Rroaaarhhh", said Chris.
"I got it from Traidcraft", said Mick.

"Traidcraft, what's that"?, said Chris and Pete.
"I'll pass you the catalogue and you can see for yourselves", said Mick.

So Chris and Pete became Traidcraft reps number 784, and started to sell things by circulating the catalogue at work and at Church.
Well all was fine and dandy until about 1984 when Traidcraft took a shine to these two poor unsuspecting people and said "Do you want to be Area Co-ordinators"?

"Yes, . . . ouch", said Pete as Chris kicked him under the table.

Well in 1988 things at Chris and Pete's had got a bit bad. The extension was looking more and more like a warehouse, and the constant trail of people wanting to buy Traidcraft teabags had worn a groove in the carpet, and the whole house needed decorating. So they sold that house and got another, bigger one, - already decorated.

And by 1994 the bigger house was like a warehouse, and one day when Pete got in from work to find 21 Traidcraft boxes stacked up in the Hall, he said "Its either them or me that goes". I can't tell you what Chris said.

Traidcraft said they should think about a shop.

So they got a little group together and opened a room at the back of the Methodist Central Hall in Hull. They filled it with Traidcraft and sold it as best they could.

Then Methodist Central Hall said they could have three rooms if they liked.

So the people got together a proper group of volunteers, formed a charity and registered a trading company.

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To be continued . . .