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Overview and Concepts


This website has two major functions:
a) An introduction to handbell ringing together with useful resources and external links. Information about handbell ringing in the East Yorkshire region, both historical and future is provided.
b) Specific information relating to ringing methods and techniques. This is structured in three separate layers

However, in each of the topic boxes upto K2 there are three steps to take:

  • Understand the various concepts
  • Assimilate information until perfectly memorised
  • Practise to achieve a basic level of skill

Up to "K2", the skills and knowledge acquired in the early stages is more deeply assimilated to help with the later stages. This process is similar to driving a car, by the time you are ready for the test, you need to have all the theory in your head, have had a lot of practise with a good instructor, and changing gear is second nature.

Beyond "K2", you need to choose what you want to do, and which tools and techniques are relevant to your goals. The discipline of understanding, learning, and practice still applies to your choice of technique, approach, method or composition.

Understand: get your head round various abstract and practical concepts,
Assimilate: see the whole picture but, crucially, memorise various patterns at the "blow by blow by row" level.
Practise: put the memorised stuff into action and achieve a repeatable, pleasant result with the bells.

A competent tower bell ringer will already have many of the basic concepts, whilst a person that is new to change ringing will need to spend more time in the early stages, this site caters for all levels of knowlege.

Do browse the Glossary of Terms before diving in.




Basic Concepts


Stage 1: From Nowhere to Base Camp

Stage 1, from Nowhere to Base Camp





Get started
Rounds and Call Changes
Plain Hunting
Plain Bob Minor

Further Concepts


Stage 2: From Base Camp to K2

Stage 1, from Base Camp to K2
Double Bob and other plain methods
Treble Bob
Cambridge Surprise
London Surprise

Further Tools and Techniques


Stage 3: Beyond K2

Stage 1, from Nowhere to Base Camp
Seven steps to Heaven
Method Madness
You Call It
Progressive Methods