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Review February 2020

 Trip of a Lifetime by Monica McInerney

First Published: 2017

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Trip of a Lifetime by Monica McInerney

Book club was a game of two halves! Chosen as a contrast to recent doom and gloom readings the selector chose this book having read it on holiday and the general consensus was that it is a holiday read, even then, not for everyone.

The initial feedback comments ranged from it being a ‘rip roaring story’ to ‘overwritten and tedious’.

Everyone agreed that the writing over-egged some of the characters yet offered no real clues that we were in Australia and later only vague descriptions of Ireland which was viewed to be an opportunity lost.

Most people ploughed on and finished the book said to be better in the second half. It was not a taxing read and it was felt that the actual core of the story; Lola’s younger life and her rising above it was good, although it was noted that the author left quite a few loose ends (which to be fair may be because the book is part of trilogy).

AABC Rating: 2.83 from 9 reviews.


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Five stars