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A.A. Book Club Info,
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A. A. Book Club Information


Two Afghanistanis

The club was established in 2005 as the "Hull Action Aid Book Club" with the purpose of raising funds in support of the Charity, Action Aid.
In 2014 the Action Aid co-ordinator left Hull and the club assumed the current format.


A lady and her books

The club exists to provide education, entertainment, and mutual support amongst the members. As such the club is similar in nature to the traditional friendly societies, but on a much smaller scale.
The primary shared activity in the group is reading and discussing English Literature.

Mode of Working

Round Table

Members take it in turns to choose a book for the group, usually three months in advance of the review meeting for that book. At the meeting the person that chose the book leads the discussion and evaluation.

Communication is achieved by e-mail and group data is held in a shared folder on the Dropbox website.

Whenever possible, members are requested to check and respond to e-mails on a daily basis.


Thought bubble - A Book Club Sounds Like Fun

The maximum practical number of members is 12.
Membership is achieved by recommendation of an existing club member.
There is no membership fee.

December 2014: 6 members
January 2015: 8 members
August 2015: 9 members
October 2015: 11 members
December 2015: 11 members


Let's open another bottle of wine

The club meets by invitation at the house of a member. Please click here to go to the meetings page with suggestions on choosing books, and information on the way meetings are run.

Contact Us

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Contact is most easily made by e-mail at the following address:

E-mail address

Legal Information

The AA Book Club is an Unincorporated Members' Club based in Hull, UK.
There is neither income nor expenditure, hence there are no financial accounts.
The club meets in private, and whilst the records of its activities are not secret, neither are they publicly displayed.
This website is not indexed by Google.

The Logo

Adiinkra symbol

The symbol represents the spider's web is hence the symbol of wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life.


If and when this list gets unwieldy, I will make a new page.

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  • The Guardian - Culture / books.
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  • Read it Swap it
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  • Hive
    this is for ordering new books (and DVDs etc) from independent publishers, a way to avoid Amazon if you don't mind buying new. You can nominate a local bookshop to receive part of the purchase price (no extra cost to you).
    Free delivery
  • Opening the book
    this is great fun, there's a tool that lets you specify what kind of book you'd like to read - "happy/sad", "no sex/lots of sex", "easy/demanding", and it then makes suggestions .
  • Google Books
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