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  • January 2012:
  • The easy work is finished and the structure is in place.
  • Now we need more stories and photos.
  • October 2011:
  • Some pages published.
  • March 2011:
  • Templates created.

The Churchies and the Johnsons

. . . . we don't like to mention the odd Hodder or Crimlisk lurking in the background

The beginnings of this study:

As a family we sort of lost touch for a while, and then Ross become a doctor and got a job in Melbourne for a couple of years.

So we just had to go and see him and the family which by 2009 was more extensive in Australia than in England.

"We should know more about the history of our family" they said. And so we started to collect the data which is presented herein.

Osram ne nsoromma, The Moon and the Star, symbol of love faithfulness and harmony.

The Moon and the Star,
adinkra symbol for
love, faithfulness and harmony.

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