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Fairtrade City Project

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The Fairtrade City Project

Making a difference to Fair Trade in Hull.

Hull City Council, and the Hull One World Shop, together with support from all areas of the city made Kingston-upon-Hull into a FAIRTRADE City in March 2005.

  • Fairly Traded products are high quality, - because the farmers choose the best of the best for Fair Trade.
  • Fairtrade consumable products are readily available - see our expanding directory of wholesale, retail and catering outlets
  • Fair Trade is growing fast - join us and make the world a better place for everyone, but especially for those who need it most.

See Lamppost Banners on Alfred Gelder Street See Lamppost Banners on Beverley Road See Lamppost Banners on Jameson Street See Lamppost Banners on Prospect Street See Lamppost Banners on Spring Bank