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The Project


Project Charter

The project is jointly owned by Hull City Council and by the One World Shop, and runs under the guidelines issued by the Fairtrade Foundation for "Fairtrade Towns"

Project History (short version)

Project Startup

Discussions between representatives of Hull One World Shop and officers of Hull City Council took place in late 2002. Taking into account the successful operation of the Hull One World Shop since 1997 and the successful implementation of a Fairtrade Policy in Hull City Council the decision was taken in early 2003 to work for certification as a Fairtrade City.

Phase 1 - Certification

The project was launched in March 2003.

Various campaigning techniques were employed to raise the profile of Fairtrade within the city and to gain support for the concept. These activities led to the awarding of Fairtrade City status in March 2005.

Phase 2 - Wilberforce Year

Calendar year 2007 was the 200th anniversary of the passing of the act to abolish the slave trade in the former British colonies. The parliamentary campaign was led by the MP for Hull, William Wilberforce.

With funding from Hull City Council (thank you) a year long programme of events took place to mark the anniversary, and Fairtrade played an important part in every one of those events. Within the Fairtrade movement, several major events were organised, including:

  • Visit to Hull by a representative of Kuapa Kokoo in Fairtrade Fortnight. (Several events).
  • The IFAT banner was carried from Hull One World to the Wilberforce Institute, via Queen Victoria Square. The banner was welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Hull and the Speech was read by Christine Church, a director of One World Trading (Hull) Ltd.
  • A major Fashion Show was organised by Hull College.
  • A Fairtrade Festival was held in Hull City Hall in conjunction with the British Association for Fair Trade Shops. This event included:
    A two-day conference with speakers from various parts of the world.
    A Fairtrade Fair which attracted several thousand people.
    The BAFTS AGM was held in the Wilberforce Institute.

Phase 3 - Sustainability

With the momentum for Fairtrade increasing through increased public awareness, and increased availability of products it is necessary to institutionalise the processes and make provision for refreshing the organisation supporting Fair Trade in Hull and in the region.
We need to make our Fairtrade City Status sustainable.

Project Scope

Our objective is pure and simple, to maximise the sales of Fairly Traded goods. Therefore we will work in Hull and the surrounding area to achieve that objective.
However, the political boundary of Hull is used as the political area of the Fairtrade City certificate.

Project Approach

Various campaigning techniques were used during the early phases of the project with differing degrees of success.

The most enduring technique has been the Faortrade Forum, - essentially an open meeting to spread the knowledge, share our successes, and encourage participation.

The purpose of the Hull Fairtrade Forum is:

  • To bring together all groups who are working to increase Fairtrade in Hull
  • To enable people to share their experiences of developing Fair Trade
  • To maintain focus on and co-ordination of the Fairtrade City Project Priorities
  • To educate and to inspire people to continue the work

Privacy policy

If you e-mail us, write to us, or in any way make yourself known to us, our promise to you is that we will not disclose any of your personal information to anyone else without your explicit agreement, and we will not "spam" you or pester you in any way.

If you are on our mailing list and you wish to be removed from the list we will acknowledge and comply with your request as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

This policy was implemented in March 2003.