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How to Support the Fairtrade City Project

Individuals and Families

Fair Trade is consumer driven movement, so as a consumer you have the power to change the world for the better. Here are 50 or so easy (?) ways to support Fair Trade:

1 Drink FAIRTRADE Tea and Coffee

Don't throw away your jar of Nescafe or Maxwell House, or Carte Noir, but DO immediately go out and buy a jar of Cafe Direct Instant coffee. When the old coffee is finished, ceremoniously re-cycle the jar or tin, and then never again drink coffee unless it is FAIRTRADE labelled.
Do the same with Tea, convert to FAIRTRADE Teabags or Tea.

2 Write to Cafe Direct for an information pack

on the coffee or Tea that you are drinking, or contact Traidcraft, or call in at your local Fair Trade Shop and ask for information on FAIRTRADE Products. Learn why it is important to drink FAIRTRADE so when neighbours, friends and relatives ask why your coffee and tea is so good you can tell them why FAIRTRADE guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers.

3 Buy Cards and Gifts from your local Fairtrade Shop

Next time you need a gift or a greeting card, pop down to the One World Shop in town. The cards are super, no smutty jokes or put-down humour, many have an ethnic theme.

And all of the products are fair trade.

Fair trade shops are very important.

  • They are staffed by volunteers
  • they provide outlets for craft items from family sized workshops
  • they provide information and educational services
  • they show the widest range of Fairtrade labelled products

In Hull, the Fair Trade Shop is the co-sponsor of the Fairtrade City Project.

4 Buy Fair Trade Online

Whilst it is important to buy from Fair Trade Shops, it is OK to buy online. Here are some great websites:

Every purchase helps reduce poverty and give hope for the future.

5 - Buy Fairtrade labelled products at your local shop

First and Foremost, please choose consumable products bearing the Fairtrade label. This step is a key to everything else that follows.
Look for:
The Fairtrade Label
the Fairtrade Label.

Check out our directory of outlets, start with tea and coffee or chocolate and take it from there. Rest assured that third world farmers benefit from this simple action.

6 - Make some "I would like to buy Fairtrade" cards

This is an example from the early days of the Fairtrade City Project:

I would like to buy Fairtrade Card

A sheet of A4 160 gsm card mkes 11 credit card sized cards.

7 Educate Yourself about Fairtrade Issues

Browse the websites (there is a great set of links at One World Shop Links page).
Read New Consumer magazine.
Even better, order an extra copy for the leader of your Faith Community, or your boss.

8 Spread the message

Please wear a Fair Trade lapel badge (available from the Hull One World Shop).
Look for ways of spreading Fair Trade at work, at church, down at the club, wherever.
If you need help, please contact us.
We have an extensive network of supporters who can help.

9 Write an article for Hull Daily Mail, Yorkshire Post, etc

Stuck for a theme? Bone up on the cost of coffee and what the farmer gets paid. Or try chocolate.

10 Get Involved in the Fairtrade City Project

Come to the next forum to see what is going on.
If you want to make a contribution of skills or ideas, please download our "contribution form" and send it in, completed, to the project.
MS Word Format, 55kB download: DOWNLOAD CONTRIBUTION FORM now.

11 Write letters to the editor

Getting Fairtrade into the media is a key to recognition of the brand.
Make the Fairtrade label famous !

12 Return to this website

News and views, events and records. Fairtrade for Hull is on this site.

13 Gather a few friends and form a Fair Trade Action Group

then do something!

14 Get a Fair Trade Sale or Return Pack for Church.

Lay out a table with all the goods on display. Invite folks round for a coffee and a little chat about what you are doing, and then let them buy as they see fit. You need to be clued up about the label, about FT food and beverages in general, and about the producers of any craft items.

15 Contact your local MP

Ask what they are doing to support Fairtrade.

Talk to the manager in your local supermarket

Few managers have any power over their sales range. But if they are aware that customers are interested they may be able to promote Fairtrade labelled products.

17 See if your hairdresser is drinking Fairtrade coffee

(Careful now).

18 Ask at the newsagent if they can stock your favourite Fairtrade chocolate

If you are not sure which chocolate to go for, try the Divine chocolte 45gm bars, this keeps the range down to a manageable level.

19 Contact Fairtrade Foundation

Get on the mailing list for their newsletter.
Purchase campaigning materials, posters, mugs, inflatable bananas.

20 Hold a Fairtrade Dinner has hundreds of recipes containing Fairtrade ingredients.

21 Submit a FAIRTRADE recipe

to the Fair Trade Cook Book - The FAIRTRADE COOKBOOK .

22 Buy shares in Cafe Direct

23 Run a Traidcraft evening

Take a range of Traidcraft samples from the shop and a load of catalogues. Talk about the work of Traidcraft in general and warn folks that you only have samples, so they will need to order from the catalogue.
This works well in September / October in the run up to Christmas. You can order via the shop, but a bit of admin (order forms) will be needed.

24 Have a FAIRTRADE theme evening

Coffee, chocolate, wood, the choice is yours. Take plenty of the focus product, because you tend to sell that more than any other. Do a talk about the theme so people can understand it better. Coffee is the best as you can sample it as well as talk and sell. (Wine would be good, but you would need a licence).

25 Have a games and action evening

Use Chris & Mick’s games for education (ask at the shop).
The action part is once having got the message over, “what should people do”? Answer is twofold,

  • a) buy products from Supermarkets with FT label
  • b) take some “I would like to buy Fairtrade” cards, and drop them in the newsagent, greengrocer, café, restaurant, etc.

and there are lots of supporter ideas on this Fairtrade City Project website.

26 Have a Fairtrade Food party

Everyone brings a dish containing at least one FAIRTRADE ingredient. The fairtrade cookbook helps with the recipes. Also, people can bring their recipes and you can make a party recipe book (if really keen).

27 Invest in Shared Interest

Click here to download a leaflet on Shared Interest.
Shared Interest is a mutual society that uses deposits made by members of the public to fund microcredit loans in support of Fairtrade.

28 Hold an "Unfair Sports Day"

Get a bunch of youngsters and have:

  • a) Unfair Egg and Spoon Race
  • b) Unfair Tug of War
  • c) Unfair Sack race
  • d) etc

29 Hold a "FAIRTRADE Football Match"

You will need:

  • 11 White T Shirts with black Fairtrade label
  • 11 black T Shirts with a white Fairtrade label
  • Two FAIRTRADE Labelled Footballs (You need a spare just in case)
  • 23 Pairs "No Sweat Trainers" (25 if you have linespeople as well)
  • FAIRTRADE Orange Juice in the break, plus FAIRTRADE Cookies

30 Hold an "UnFairtrade Football Match"

Just have more players in one team than the other.

31 Buy some Fair Trade Clothes

Here are a few suggestions:

32 Get some campaign materials for FAIRTRADE Fortnight

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation, website.
Download the order form and send off for T Shirts, bananas, leaflets, posters, etc.
Then get an event organised and let us know at the Project Office.

33 Hold a FAIRTRADE Wine and Cheese evening

Pop down to the Co-op, get some red and some white, a few Water Biscuits or a biscuit selection. And some nice cheese. Invite a few friends round. Enjoy.

34 Go Bananas

At your local Fair Trade shop or Co-op.
Get some yellow paper and cut out footsteps. Stick them on the pavement to lead to the shop.
At the shop door have some inflatable bananas.
Get the press down to ook at it and take a photo and do an interview.
Have a load of bananas on sale.
And some banana trade leaflets to give away.

35 Give Fairtrade Roses

If you have a girlfriend, or wife, or niece, or mother-in-law. Choose to give them a bunch of Fairtrade Roses for their next special day.
Make it a double treat and give them a Traidcraft or Salay handmade card as well.

36 Fairtrade Sports - Passive

Go to the Co-op and get some Fairtrade Beer to drink with Fairtrade Snacks (from One World) during your next TV Football session.

37 Fairtrade Sports - Active

Buy a Fairtrade football and join da kids in da street.
Even better buy a Fairtrade beach ball before your holidays.

38 Fairtrade Faith Group

If your church doesn't use Fairtrade Tea and Coffee - suggest that they do so.
If you church does use Fairtrade Tea and Coffee - suggest that they should incorporate Fairtrade in some aspect of worship.
If your church has a Fairtrade commitment (see above) suggest that the Church Council should apply to FT Foundation for certification as a Fairtrade Church.

39 Hold a FAIRTRADE community BBQ

40 FAIRTRADE Family Fun Day/Carnival

with bouncy castles, street theatre (there are FT and Christian theatre groups who may get involved).

41 Hold a FAIRTRADE Black tie dinner

42 Hold a FAIRTRADE Treasure Hunt

43 Hold aFAIRTRADE Its A Knockout competition

44 Hold a FAIRTRADE Drum Cafe

Run this in conjunction with Christian Aid.

45 Go out and buy some FAIRTRADE Chocolate

Nibble nibble munch munch
Fairtrade is always the best of the bunch.

46 Whilst eating some of the chocolate

bought under suggestion 45, go online and buy a copy of the PaPaPaa DVD (£8).

47 Go out to the Coop

and buy some FAIRTRADE Peanuts.

48 Go out to the Coop again

and buy some FAIRTRADE Wine.

49 Contact Twin

and ask for a copy of the Judith's Story DVD (Peanut farming in Malawi).

50 Ask some friends round

  • Nibble the nuts (suggestion 47)
  • open the wine (suggestion 48)
  • watch Judith's Story (49)
  • have a coffee,
  • watch the PaPaPaa DVD (46)
  • and eat the chocolate (45).


If you sell tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate or wholefoods you have a part to play by offering to your customers a Fairtrade choice.

If you do offer a Fair Trade / Fairtrade choice, please contact the Fairtrade City Project Office so that we can mention you in the Fairtrade Directory.

Catering Outlets

There is just nothing better than a double extra large cappucino except one made using Fairtrade coffee.

If you sell Tea or Coffee please offer your customers a FAIRTRADE choice.
Download the "Getting Started Guide". (Click DOWNLOAD Guide now).

If you do include a Fair Trade choice, please contact the Fairtrade City Project Office so that we can mention you in the Fairtrade Directory.


If you sell in wholesale volumes products such as tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate or wholefoods then you have a part to play in supporting Fairtrade by offering to your customers a Fairtrade choice.

If you do offer a Fair Trade / Fairtrade choice, please contact the Fairtrade City Project Office so that we can mention you in the Fairtrade Directory.

Community Organisations


There are many ways that a christian group can support Fair Trade, here are a few suggestions.

  • Ask for Fairtrade refreshments after services
  • Ensure that the leadership understand that Fairtrade should be supported because to not do so is to support exploitation, which is clearly against the teaching of the church.
  • Request that ethical issues such as Fairtrade are discussed in the Church Council meetings
  • Incorporate Fairtrade into worhsip
  • Run a Fair Trade stall once per month (See Hull One World Shop about this)
  • Ask the leadership to pass a Fairtrade policy
  • Apply to the Fairtrade Foundation for a Fairtrade Church certificate
  • Take part in the Big Brew, see
  • Support Fairtrade Fortnight

Other Faith Groups

There are many ways that a non christian faith group can support Fair Trade, the suggestions for churches can all be translated to other faiths, including certification, and participation in the Big Brew.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

There are Fairtrade Foundation schemes for all classes of educational establishment, and support for Fairtrade can be extensive. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provision of Fairtrade refreshments
  • Use of Fairtrade in catering.
  • Integration of ethical / Fairtrade issues into the curriculum
  • Application to the Fairtrade Foundation for a Fairtrade certificate
  • Support for Fairtrade Fortnight

The charity (WEFT) that owns Hull One World Shop has educational materials indexed online. See WEFT Resources.

Clubs and Charities

Check through the preceding suggestions, some of them will be relevant to your circumstance.
Contact us.


Most businesses would cease to function without a coffee machine, please check out how you too can help the cause of impoverished farmers and artisans worldwide.

Go to Fairtrade at work for details.

Public Services

The trust which runs Hull Royal Infirmary, and Castle Hill Hospital has shown that Fairtrade refreshments can be sourced een ina cost conscious envronment.

The east riding probation service has shown what can be done by individual members of the caring cummunity.

We invite the Police Force, Fire service, Trades Unions, and Coastguards, Political Parties, etc, to rise to the standards set by other services.