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1929 - Malanda, Queensland, Australia
A Railway Accident

The following notes are taken from newspaper: "The Cairns Post", Queensland, 1929.

The subject of the story is Mrs J Crimlisk

1929: (Published Tuesday 15th January 1929): in the Cairns Post, MALANDA, Queensland, Australia.
MALANDA, January 14.

Crashed into and carried along for a distance of 70 yards on the cowcatcher of a locomotive, Mrs. Crimlisk, an old resident of Malanda, had a narrow escape from instant death this afternoon.

Apparently, neither perceiving nor hearing the usual afternoon train from Tolga, Mrs. Crimlisk, who is very deaf, stepped in front of the train at the level crossing near the Malanda railway station.

The impact threw Mrs. Crimlisk well on to the catcher, where she instinctively hung on while the train passed over a cattle grid and a cinder well before coming to a standstill. Mrs. Crirmisk was attended to without delay by a doctor and the matron of a nearby hospital and later was conveyed by the rail motor to Yungaburra, where the ambulance was waiting to take her to the Atherton Hospital.

It is understood she is suffering from a broken leg, broken collarbone, internal injuries, concussion, shock, and abrasions. A report received by the Cairns Police was to the effect that Mrs. Crimlisk was also probably suffering from serious internal injuries and last night was in a critical condition. Her left leg and right collar bone were broken and she had severe lacerations on the lower arms.

The train crew were: O. B. Smith, driver; G. Stevens, fireman; C. H. Waller, guard. The police are convinced of the occurrence being an accident, with no attachable blame.

1929: (Published Tuesday 15th January 1929): in the Cairns Post, MALANDA, Queensland, Australia.
Cairns, Tuesday.

Mrs. Crimlisk (48) stepped directly in front of an approaching engine at a level crossing near Malanda station. Instinctively she clutched the bars of the cowcatcher. She was carried over the cattle grid and cinder before the train was stopped. She suffered terrible injuries, including a broken leg, a broken collarbone, concussion, lacerations, and shock.

1929: (Published Wednesday 27th February 1929): in the Cairns Post, MALANDA, Queensland, Australia.
MALANADA: February 24th:.

After a long struggle, Mrs. J. Crimlisk, victim of the train accident at Malanda, died on Sunday last; at the age of"48 years. She leaves her husband - Mr. Crimlisk, of Crimlisk and Weinert, Malanda, - two daughters ;(one of whom is married) and a son, James. The deepest sympathy is felt for her relatives. Mrs. Crimlisk was still in the prime of life, and up to the time of the accident always enjoyed good health. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, in teeming rain.

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