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Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish
A "One Name" Study

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The Crimlisk "One Name" study

Sources of Information

Extensive use has been of internet resources via search engines and via the many lists of genealogical websites. Most used websites are:

  • Google Search
  • Free BMD
  • Yorkshire BMD
  • FamilySearch (LDS)

Without the generous donation of time and effort represented in the above repositories this study would not have been possible. Every British person herein has been sourced from or checked against FreeBMD, and every other has been sourced from or checked against FamilySearch.

Other sources of information have been used and these are quoted against the individual record where relevant.

Google Search

Google Search was used as a basis of sizing the Crimlisk Study prior to commitment. The numbers obtained were:

Year Crimlisk Crimlis Crimlish Crumlish Total
2009 19,000 8,410 N/A N/A 27,410
2011 24,600 15,300 N/A N/A 39,900
2013 17,700 9,330 N/A 225,000 252,000
2014 16,100 6,780 9,010 238,000 270,000

The enormous number of "Crumlish" hits led to scoping this study down to Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish. BUT. The names are quite interchangeable, so Crimlisk and Crimlis are interchanged in UK, Crimlisk and Crumlish in Ireland.
So the approach adopted in May 2013, is to include Crumlish in the study where there is geographical close proximity with Crimlisk, essentially Ireland, Yorkshire, England, and possibly Australia.

S001: FreeBMD

We have begun the process of citing the relevant FreeBMD pages in order for anyone to check the accuracy of this work. Where we have spotted errors in the FreeBMD data, a postem note has been added.

FreeBMD Sizing data:
The following numbers do not include transcription errors, nor do they exclude duplicate records, but they serve well as a sizing guide.

Year Crimlis Crimlisk Crimlish Crumlish Total
2010 B: 52
M: 29
D: 21
B: 51
M: 28
D: 23
B: 0
M: 0
D: 0
N/A 204
2013 B: 63
M: 39
D: 29
B: 67
M: 41
D: 36
B: 0
M: 0
D: 0
Tot: 80 355
2014 B: 65
M: 41
D: 31
B: 70
M: 42
D: 36
B: 0
M: 1
D: 1
B: 59
M: 28
D: 18

This study would not have been created without the data from FreeBMD, and the countless hours of voluntary work presented on their website.

S002: FamilySearch (LDS)

This One-name study relies heavily on data provided by FamilySearch. So much so that the records have been placed in a separate page.
Click Sources of Crimlisk data in FamilySearch for access.

S003: Yorkshire BMD

Unfortunately Yorkshire BMD does not support citations of individual records.

S004: Scarborough Maritime Heritage

S005: Crimlisk Fisher Archive
Unfotunately there is no usable online index or search facility for the archive. Access is restricted to two short windows each week, for visits in person, hence it is difficult to gain value from the archive.

The archive does include:

  • .1 - Kath Wilkie database
  • .2 - Crimlisk Family Tree

References have been made to these collections, but should be treated as unverified data unless corroborated by other sources.

S006: University of Sheffield

S007: Crimlisk Family members

  • Names withheld to protect privacy

S008: Ellis Island Records

S009: Immigration Bridge, Australia

S010: "Looking at Filey"


S012: The National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia has proved to be a valuable source of Crimlisk information, and whilst care needs to be taken with regard to the accuracy of the data, in the absence of other recorded data "Trove" provides a very valuable insight into the Crimlisk families in Australia and many of their life events.

The details of this usage has been collected into a separate webpage, please see Crimlisks in Trove

S013: Find My Past

S014: Commonwealth of Australia, WW2, Nominal Roll

S015: Google Books Search

S016: Flamborough Fishing Families

S017: Mundia

  • See Mundia (
  • Mundia encourages you to create an account and then locks you out of the interesting data. Whilst we accept that this is a commercial website, there is little support for One-Name-Study research.


  • May 2013
  • FamilySearch moved to separate page
  • Australia Trove moved to separate page
  • April 2013
  • Statistics against sources included
  • October 2011
  • Filey Tree data reviewed