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Hull Storytellers

Hull & E.Yorks.


Club Meetings

The main purpose of the club is to build the strength of story-telling in the area. To this end various public meetings are held, together with performances at staged events such as the Hull Freedom Festival. Members of the public are welcome at these events, with no pressure to but plenty of opportunity to tell their own stories. Between 5 minutes and 10 minutes is a good target time for a story.


The club needs funds in order to function and we ask for a donation of 2 (or more) per person towards club funds on a meeting night.

Locations - private

Occasionally meetings will take place at a private residence. This will generally be for club members only.
Hosts are expected to offer tea and coffee, and possibly a cookie. Members are expected to contribute any snacks or drinks.

Locations - public

We are meeting regularly at the invitation of the landlord of Ye Olde White Harte, Silver Street, Hull.
This historic public house was built in 1550, when the first Queen Elizabeth was 17 years of age.

Our meetings normally take place on the first floor in the Plotting Parlour, the access to this is by a staircase.

Fund Raisers

Occasionally the club may hold a fund raising event; this will be a public meeting in a public space.