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Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish
A "One Name" Study

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The Crimlisk "One Name" study


The discovery of a "Crimlis" in amongst our family ancestors started a search for information which turned into this One Name Study. In the UK, the study revolved around the fishing town of Filey on the Yorkshire coast.


The names “Crimlisk”, “Crimlis” and “Crimlish” are the subject of this study.

"Crumlish" has not normally been included in the study although it is recognised as being an older variant of the name. It was not included because to do so would increase the size of the study by approximately one order of magnitude. Where there is data showing that a specific person has used or has been documented as using both variants then the "Crumlish" information has been recorded and displayed here.

"McCrimlisk" has not normally been included in the current phase of the study but will be considered for inclusion when this phase is concluded.


This study is currently in "Data Collection" with some effort going into "Publication" and "Preservation". The quality of the data can be improved, so please let me know if you spot any apparent errors.


Somewhere in northwest Ireland, possibly in the wild places of Donegal, and before surnames commonly came to be used, a child was born with strange eyes. Whether they drooped or squinted is unknown to us, but they were a striking feature and he was referred to by his unusual eyes to distinguish him from other members of his family.

This child prospered and grew to adulthood. He took a wife and started a family, and the family line was referred to as the sons and grandsons of the one with the unusual eyes - O’Cromlesh.

In the aural world, before writing was commonplace, pronunciations varied and O’Cromlish, O’Crumlish and O’Crimlish may have referred to the same family. As time went by a small number of this widening family called themselves Crimlisk and then Crimlis.

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