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Denis McKeogh, 1864 - 1914

b. 1864;
m. ~1894;
d. 1914;

Denis McKeogh is known from the christening / baptism records for his children, and via Mundia.

1864: Denis McKeogh was born in Tipperary.1
1894: (Approx) Denis McKeogh married Mary Eliza Crimlisk in Hillgrove, NSW.1
1895: Kathleen Hannora McKeogh was baptised in Armidale, NSW., Australia.
1901: Twins: Mary Clare McKeogh and Mona McKeogh were born.
1902: Denis JA McKeogh was born.
1904: Francis Patrick McKeogh was baptised in Armidale, NSW., Australia.
1905: Francis Patrick McKeogh died.
1864: Denis McKeogh died in Gunnedah, NSW., Australia.1

See: Chart F397

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See Mundia entry for Denis McKeough
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