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Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish
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William James Crimlisk, Torrens Creek, Queensland, Australia

b. 1903;
m. ~1928;
d. 1967.

William James Crimlisk is known from newspaper reports, military service, and from cemetery records.

1903: 30th December, 1903: William James Crimlisk was born in Torrens Creek, Queensland.1
1928: (Approx) William James Crimlisk married Violet Mary (P572).
1942: 21st July, 1942: William James Crimlisk joined the Australian army. 1
1945: 21st November, 1945, William James Crimlisk was discharged from the Australian army. 1

Service Record

1954: Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878-1954) Monday 27 December 1954:
"William James Crimlisk, 45, and his wife, Violet Mary Crimlisk, 43, were admitted to a private hospital on Saturday for injuries received when their car overturned. Mr and Mrs Crimlisk were on their way to Yeppoon about 1 p.m. At the Yeppoon turn-off the car skidded in loose gravel. The driver tried to regain the bitumen, but the attempt resulted in the car turning over."

1967: William James Crimlisk died.
His burial took place on Friday 27th October, 1967, at North Rockhampton Cemetery.

See: Chart F571

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NB. It is thought likely that William James Crimlisk is the same person as James Crimlisk but this is, so far, unproven.