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Daniel Crimlisk

P036: A.k.a.:
1880 Census: Danel Crimlisk
b. 1850;
m. 1873/4;
d. ?

Daniel Crimlisk and his wife Celia and family of two sons and two daughters are known via the 1880 US census.
The spelling "Danel" is unique and is probably a simple error, in later records it is transcribed as "Daniel".

1850: Daniel Crimlisk was born in Ireland.2
1868: Daniel Crimlisk migrated from Ireland to USA.2
1874: Daniel Crimlisk married Cecelia O'Brian.
1876: (June 1876): Willie Crimlisk was born.
1877: James J Crimlisk was born.
1878: Mary Crimlisk was born.
1880: (April 1880): Kate Crimlisk was born.

1880: US Census:1
Daniel Crimlisk, age 38 was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife and four children.
See Philadelphia 1880 for details.

1881: P105: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.
1883: (January 1883): Annie Crimlisk was born.4
1883: (February 1883): P619: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.4
1885: P102: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.
1885: P102: Elizabeth Crimlisk died.
1885: Fannie Crimlisk was born.
1888: Daniel Crimlisk was born.
1890: Bridget Crimlisk was born.
1892: Edward Crimlisk was born.
1893: Patrick Crimlisk was born.

1900: US Census:2
Daniel Crimlisk, age 50 was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife and eight children. The census records that Daniel and his wife had been married 26 years, and had 13 children 10 being alive at the time of the census.
It seems likely that the three children who died were all named "Elizabeth".
See Philadelphia 1900 for details.

1910: US Census:3
Daniel Crimlisk, age 60 was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife and six children. See Philadelphia 1910 for details.

Daniel Crimlisk was not recorded in the 1920 US census.

See: Chart F036

1) Family Search : Family Search US Census 1880.
"United States Census, 1880," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 Feb 2013), Danel Crimlisk, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; citing sheet 248C, family 0, NARA microfilm publication T9-1184.
Notes: Daniel's age recorded in this census is inconsistent with later records.
"Danel" is almost certainly an accidentally shortened "Daniel".

2) Family Search:
United States Census, 1900 - index
United States Census, 1900 - image
"United States Census, 1900," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 May 2013), Daniel Cremlisk, 1900.
Notes: "Cremlisk" should read "Crimlisk"

3) Family Search:
United States Census, 1910 - index
"United States Census, 1910," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 May 2013), Daniel Crimless, 1910.
"Crimless" should read "Crimlisk"
A daughter "Frances, b.1891" has appeared in this census, it is liekly this is "Fannie b.1885". The information on the 1900 census indicated that a full complement of children had been established hence the view that the information for Frances in 1920 is incorrect.

4) One or both of these two statements must be incorrect.