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John Cambridge Crimlisk, Filey, 1916 - 1998.

b. 1916;
m. 1940;
d. 1998.

John Cambridge Crimlisk was the only child of John Thomas Crimlisk and Alice Overfield.
See: Chart F196

1916: (Q2): John Cambridge Crimlisk was born in Filey.1
1940: (Q4): John Cambridge Crimlisk married Maisie Veal in Filey.2
1998: John Cambridge Crimlisk died.3

See: Chart F193

John Cambridge Crimlisk and his wife Maisie Veal were local history researchers who gathered a vast amount of heritage material. This was also donated to the Filey Town Council to remain in Filey and be accessible for people, and to become the Crimlisk Fisher Archive.

The Crimlisk Fisher Archives in Filey were created in honour of John Thomas Crimlisk son of Thos Crimlisk, ship's joiner.

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