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Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish
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Census returns.

Filey 1841
Filey 1851
Filey 1861
Filey 1871
Filey 1881
Filey 1891
Filey 1901
Filey 1911


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The Crimlisk study - English places with a Crimlisk History

Filey, Yorkshire, England.

Filey from the Brig

Above: Filey from the Brig

1789: (Approx) Jane Fox was born.
1829: Margaret Haxby was born.
1829: 9th June, 1829: Margaret Haxby was baptised.
1834: Elizabeth Johnson, was born
1837: Mary Ann Fenby was born.
1841: Elizabeth Jenkinson was born

1841: UK Census:
Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived - None:

1842: Thomas Crimlisk and family moved to Filey.
1843: Ann Crimlisk, was born.
1845: Catherine Crimlis was born.

1847: Charlton Daniel was born.
1847: Ellin Crimlisk was born.

1851: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

Back Road:

1851: Thomas Crimlisk and family left Filey and returned to Flamborough.

1854: Catherine Casy was born
1854: John Renton married Mary Crimlisk
1854: Elizabeth Scott was born.

1856: Jane Crimlis was born
1856: Francis Crimlis married Margaret Haxby

1857: Joseph Crimlisk was born.
1857: John Crimlis married Elizabeth Johnson
1857 - 1861: Following his retirement in Flamborough in 1857 and prior to the 1861 Census, Thomas Crimlisk and his family moved back to Filey.

1858: Catherine Crimlis was christened.
1858: Mary Wheeler was born.
1858: Hannah E Renton was born

1859: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.
1859: Richard Cammish was born.

1860: Ann Crimlis was born / Christened.
1860: Thomas Skelton was born

1861: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived

Chapel Street:

3 Chapel Yard, King Street

Mosey's Yard

1861: Francis Haxby Crimlis was born.
1861: Mary Crimlis was born and Christened.

1863: Elizabeth Crimlis married William Day
1863: Thomas Crimlisk married Elizabeth Jenkinson
1863: Matthew Crimlis was born.

1864: Jane Annis was born.
1864: Mary Renton died.
1864: Mary Jane Crimlis was born.
1864: James Crimlis married Mary Ann Fenby.
1864: George Johnson Crimlis was born.

1866: Mary Jane Crimlis died.
1866: Annie Elizabeth Sargent was born
1866: John Crimlis was born
1866: Francis Haxby Crimlis died.
1866: Thomas Crimlisk was born.
1866: John William Cowling was born.

1867: Francis Crimlis born.
1867: Margaret Mary Cambridge was born.

1869: Matthew Crimlis died aged 6 years.
1869: Mary Ellen Crimlisk was born

1870: Mary Jane Crimlisk was born
1870: Eleanor Crimlisk married Owen Kelly
1870: David Hunter was born.

1871: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

Mosey's Yard:

Under Cliff:

1871: Ann Crimlisk married Charlton Daniel.
1871: Thomas Crimlis born.
1871: Matthew Crimlisk born.
1871: Annie Crimlisk Daniel was born.
1871: Elizabeth Ann Chapman was born.
1871: Matthew Jenkinson Cammish was born.

1873: Catherine Crimlisk died in Filey.
1873: Jane Cowling was born.

1875: John Robinson was born.
1875: Sarah Ann Crimlisk born.

1876: Mary Ann Crimlis died.

1877: John Robinson was born
1877: Jane Robinson died.
1877: Charlton Daniel died.
1877: George Robert Gardner was born.

1878: Kate Crimlis born.

1879: Mary McDevitt died.
1879: Catherine Crimlis married Robert Newcombe
1879: Catherine Crimlis married George Bean.
1879: Joseph Crimlisk married Mary Wheeler
1879: Elizabeth Crimlis nee Johnson died age 44.
1879: John William Bean was born.

1880: George Samuel Johnson was born.
1880: James Haxby Crimlis was born.
1880: Ann Crimlis married Richard Cammish

1881: Jane Crimlis was born

1881: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

Providence Place:

Providence Place:

  • Skelton Fenby, Head, aged 64
  • Ann Fenby, Wife, aged 64
  • James Crimlis, Boarder (widowed), age 45
  • Mary Wheeler, Boarder, aged 19
  • James Wheeler, Boarder, aged 17
  • George Wheeler, Boarder, aged 13

Reynolds Street:

Mitford Street:

  • Elizabeth Wheeler, Wife, Head, age 46, Fisherman's wife
  • John Wheeler, Son, age 12, Scholar
  • Isabella Wheeler, Daughter, age 8, Scholar
  • George Wheeler, Son, age 5, Scholar
  • Joseph Crimlis, Boarder, Married age 23, Fisherman
  • Mary Crimlis, Boarder, married, age 22
  • James Haxby Crimlis, age 11 months

Murray Street:

1881: Mary Crimlis married Thomas Skelton.
1881: Frank W Crimlis was born.

1882: Margaret Crimlisk was born.
1882: George William Robinson was born.
1884: Elizabeth Crimlisk married to John Jones.
1884: John Wheeler Crimlis was born
1884: (Possibly 1885) Jane Baxter Jenkinson was born.

1885: Jane Baxter Jenkinson was born.
1885: George Johnson Crimlis was born.

1886: Mary Cambridge was born.
1886: John Crimlis died.
1886: Jane Darling was born.
1886: John Jones was born.

1887: Thomas Crimlisk married Margaret Mary Cambridge
1887: Sarah Crimlis was born.
1887: Sarah Crimlis died.
1887: James Crimlis married Elizabeth Scott.

1888: Frank Jones was born.
1888: John Thomas Crimlisk was born.
1888: John William Cowling married Jane Annis.
1888: Jane Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.

1889: John William Cowling died aged 23.

1890: Joseph Crimlis was born.
1890: Arthur Keld Crimlisk was born.
1890: Elizabeth Jane Cammish was born.
1890: John Crimlisk was born.
1890: Joseph Crimlis was born.
1890: Sarah Ann Scales was born.

1891: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

Providence Place:

Church Farm:

Chapel Street:

Chapel Street:

Chapel Street:

Chapel Street:

Yard, Queen Street:

1891: Thomas Jones was born.
1891: John Crimlis was born.
1891: Sarah Ann Scales was born.
1891: Arthur Keld Crimlisk died age 1 year.
1891: John Richard Haxby was born.

1892: Matthew Jenkinson Crimlisk was born.
1892: Arthur Ingham Crimlisk, was born.
1892: Tom Crimlis, was born.

1893: Martha Annie Crimlisk was born.
1893: Matthew Crimlisk married Hannah Cross.
1893: Sarah Ann Crimlisk married Herbert Henry Ingham

1894: Thomas Crimlis married Elizabeth Ann Chapman
1894: Mary Jane Crimlis married Matthew Jenkinson Cammish.
1894: Thomas Magson Crimlisk was born.
1894: Margaret Crimlis was born.
1894: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.

1895: Annie Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.
1895: George Matthew Crimlisk was born.

1896: Margaret Jenkinson Crimlisk was born.
1896: Margaret Jenkinson Crimlisk died.
1896: William Crimlisk was born.
1896: Susannah Crimlisk was born.
1896: Thomas William Lewis married Annie Cammish (nee Crimlis).

1897: Harold Crimlisk was born.
1897: Elizabeth Crimlisk died.
1897: Margaret Jenkinson Crimlisk was born in Filey.

1898: Susannah Crimlisk died.
1898: William Crimlisk died.
1898: Ernest Magson Crimlisk was born
1898: Francis Crimlis married Jane Cowling.
1898: John Crimlisk was born.
1898: Katherine Crimlisk was born.
1898: Margaret Jenkinson Crimlisk died.

1899: Mary Ellen Crimlisk married John Wray.
1899: Wilfrid Crimlisk was born
1899: Kathleen May Crimlisk was born.

1900: Kathleen May Crimlisk died.
1900: Kate Crimlis married George Robert Gardner.

1901: William Wallace Douglas was born.

1901: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

23 Chapel Street:

Providence Place

22, Mitford Street

33 Mitford Street

5,6 Mariner's Place

14, Swanns Yard, Queen Street

1902: Thomas Robert Crimlisk was born.
1902: Frederick George Crimlisk was born.
1902: Betsy Colling was born.
1902: Doris Wray was born.

1903: Thomas William Crimlisk was born.
1903: Thomas Robert Crimlisk was born.
1903: Herbert Henry Crimlisk was born.
1903: Herbert Henry Crimlisk died.

1904: Elsie Mary Crimlis died.
1904: Margaret Crimlisk married Ralph Witty.
1904: David Hunter married Katherine Bean nee Crimlis.

1905: James Haxby Crimlis married Jane Hannah Stephenson.
1905: Annie Goodwill was born.
1905: John Richard Hanson was born.
1905: Frank was born.

1905 Extract from: 'Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades" for FILEY in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.'1

The index has 13 entries for "Crimlisk".



Brooklands (Off West Street)

Mitford Street, Reynold's Yard

Mitford Street, Clifford's Yard

Mitford Street, Mariner's Terrace

Mitford Street, South Side

Queen Street, North Side

Spring Road, Burnett's Yard

Sandhill Lane, South Side

Queen Street, Cammish's Yard

1906: Sylvia Mary Crimlisk as born.

1907: Margaret Cowling was born.

1908: John Wheeler Crimlis was born.
1908: George Johnson Crimlis married Jane Baxter Jenkinson.
1908: Kathleen Margaret Crimlisk was born.
1908: Margaret Cowling was born in Filey
1908: Charles Robert Crimlisk nee Sargent married Jane Darling.
1908: Herbert Henry Ingham died.

1909: George William Robinson married Jane Elizabeth Crimlisk
1909: Annie Crimlisk died.
1909: Jane Elizabeth Crimlisk married George William Robinson.

1911: UK Census: Places in Filey where Crimlisks lived:

6 Mariner's Yard:

15 Queen Street:

11 Chapel Street:

17 Brooklands, Filey:

10 Reynolds Yard, Filey:

1911 - 1919 in Filey

1911: Alice Robinson was born
1911: James Crimlis died.
1911: Susannah Crimlisk was born.

1912: John Crimlis married Sarah Ann Scales.
1912: Ann E Crimlis was born.

1913: Annie Crimlisk Daniel died

1914: Sarah J Crimlis was born.
1914: (Q3): Margaret Crimlis died.

1915: John Thomas Crimlisk married Alice Overfield
1915: Francis Crimlis died age 85.
1915: Martha Annie Crimlisk married John R Haxby.
1915: Maisie Veal was born at 61 Mitford Street, Filey.

1916: Grace Robinson was born.
1916: George William Robinson died.
1916: Marjorie Crimlis was born.
1916: Elizabeth Crimlis died.
1916: Mary Crimlis was born.
1916: John C Crimlisk was born.
1916: Charles Robinson married Grace Crimlisk in Filey.

1917: Harold Crimlisk, a man of Filey, died (in Belgium), age 20.
1917: James Crimlisk was born.

1918: Ann E Crimlis was born.
1918: James Crimlisk died.

1919: Matthew Crimlisk died at sea.
1919: Wilfrid Crimlisk died at sea.
1919: Thomas Robert Crimlisk died at sea.
1919: Elizabeth Crimlis nee Scott died, age 64.
1919: Mary Crimlis died
1919: George Simpson married Mary C Crimlisk.
1919: Matthew Crimlisk, Wilfrid Crimlisk, and Thomas Robert Crimlisk died in the "Emulator" disaster.
1919: Frances Willis Powley was born in Filey.
1919: John Crimlis died at age 86.
1919: Dorothy Towell was born.

1920 - 1929 in Filey

1921: UK Census: (No data released):

1920: John Crimlis was born.
1920: George J Crimlisk, P216 was born.
1920: Thomas Skelton died age 58 or 60.
1920: Matthew C Robinson was born.

1921: George Matthew Crimlisk married Dorothy Avery
1921: Margaret Witty died aged 39.

1922: Dennis Crimlisk was born.
1922: John Crimlisk was born.
1922: Jennie Crimlis was born.
1922: Margaret Crimlis was born.
1922: Jennie Crimlis died.
1922: Margaret Crimlis died.

1925: Katherine (Kathleen) Crimlis married William Wallace Douglas.

1926: Mary Crimlis married John R Hanson.

1927: Thomas Robert Crimlisk married Betsy Jenkinson Colling.
1927: John Crimlisk died, age 28.
1927: Sylvia M Crimlisk married Frank Milner.
1927: Mary Skelton nee Crimlis died.

1928: Elizabeth Crimlisk was born.
1928: Grace Crimlisk was born.
1928: Margaret Mary Crimlisk nee Cambridge died, age 62.

1929: Francis Crimlis died.
1929: George Johnson Crimlis died.
1929: Alice Crimlisk nee Overfield died.

1930 - 1939 in Filey

1931: UK Census: (No data released):

1931: Thomas William Crimlisk married Margaret Cowling.
1931: Kenneth Crimlis married Kathleen Margaret Crimlisk.
1931: Jane Baxter Crimlisk nee Jenkinson died.
1931: David J Crimlisk was born.
1931: Ann Crimlisk was born.

1932: Frederick George Crimlisk married Annie Goodwill .
1932: John Z Crimlis was born

1935: Alice Crimlisk was born.
1935: Elizabeth Jones died.
1935: Joseph L Crimlis died (St Skegness Disaster).
1935: Tony Crimlisk was born.

1936: Joseph Crimlisk died
1936: Sarah J Crimlis married James E Morley.

1937: John T Crimlisk married Mary D Palmer.
1937: John C Crimlisk married Maisie Veal
1937: John E Crimlis was born.
1937: John E Crimlis died.
1937: Douglas H Crimlisk was born.
1937: Susannah Crimlisk married John Bumbey Newham.

1938: Basil Crimlisk was born
1938: Ann Crimlis died.
1938: Barbara Crimlisk was born.
1938: Marjorie Crimlis married Thomas A Stevenson.
1938: Ann E Crimlis married Thomas Butler.

1939: Dennis Crimlisk died age 16 years.
1939: George J Crimlisk was born.

1940 - 2000 in Filey.
1940: John Cambridge Crimlisk married Maisie Veal.

1941: UK Census: Wartime, no census taken.

1941: Ann M Crimlisk was born.
1941: Prudence S Crimlisk was born.
1941: Katherine Hunter died.

1942: George J Crimlisk married Dorothy Towell.
1942: Frank W Crimlis died aged 60.
1942: Matthew married Gladys D Borrett
1942: Thomas Crimlisk died.

1943: Christine Crimlis was born.

1944: Kathleen Crimlisk was born.

1946: John Crimlisk married Frances Powley.

1947: Graham J Crimlisk was born.
1947: John Alan Crimlisk was born.

1948: Janet Crimlisk was born.
1948: Jane Hannah Crimlis died aged 63.

1949: Grace Crimlisk married Dennis Shaughnessey.
1949: James Haxby Crimlis died aged 69.
1949: Keith Crimlisk was born.

1950: Ralph Witty died.
1950: John Crimlis died aged 60.

1951: Thomas Crimlis died.
1951: Susan L Crimlisk was born.

1952: Mary Jane Cammish nee Crimlis died.

1953: Jane Crimlis died.

1955 John Z Crimlis married Barbara Priestman.

1956: Alice Crimlisk married John Chadwick.

1957: Fiona Crimlis was born.

1959: Charles Robert Crimlisk died aged 76 years.
1959: Phillip M Dyson married Barbara M Crimlisk.
1959: Sarah Ann Crimlisk died.

1960: Jane Crimlisk died.

1962: Ann M Crimlisk married Patrick Foy.

1963: Ann Crimlisk married David H Wadsworth at St Oswald's Church.
1963: Matthew died aged 70.
1963: Michael S Crimlisk married Patricia Moon.

1964: Grace Robinson died.

1965: Kathleen Crimlisk married David V Saunders.
1965: Christine Crimlis married John Louth.
1965: Matthew Jenkinson Cammish died aged 93 years.

1966: John T Crimlisk died.
1966: George J Crimlisk married Susan B Spence.

1967: Kirk Johnson Crimlisk was born.

1968: Gladys Crimlisk died in aged 75.

1969: Cheryle L Crimlisk was born.

1973: Thomas Robert Crimlisk died aged 70.

1976: Frances Crimlisk died.

1985: Betsy Jenkinson Crimlisk died at age 82.

1990: Margaret Crimlisk died,

1991: Filey town council created the Crimlisk Fisher Archive with material donated by Fred Fisher and John C Crimlisk.

1994: Kathleen Crimlis died.

1998: John Cambridge Crimlisk died.3

1999: Marjorie Stevenson nee Crimlis died.

2002: John Crimlis died.


1) GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genalogy"
Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades" for FILEY in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.
Accessed: 4th November, 2012.