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George Samuel Johnson, Filey, 1880 - 1951

George Samuel Johnson

b. 1880;
m. 1902;
d. 1951.

1880: (Q1): George Samuel Johnson was born in Filey and was the eighth and last child of Samuel Ross Johnson and Betty Warcup.1
1902: George Samuel Johnson married Jane Skelton in St Stephen's Church, Spring Bank, Hull. George came from the Johnson fishing family, and Jane's father, Thomas Skelton, is quoted as a painter.2, 3
1902: Hilda Johnson was born
1909: Samuel Ross Johnson was born
1910: Betty Johnson was born
1916: Jenny Johnson was born
1919: Lily Johnson was born
1922: Doris Johnson was born
1924: Vera Johnson was born
1951: George died in Hull.4

See: Chart F527

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2) S003 Ref JD/10/154. NB: Deviant spelling of "Skelton" as "Shelton".

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