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Crimlisk, Crimlis, and Crimlish
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The Crimlisk study - English places with a Crimlisk History

Hull, Yorkshire

1846: Edward Casy married Margaret Crimlisk in St Stephen's Church.

1880: George Samuel Johnson was born.

1883: Charles Robert Sargent was born.
1883: Edith Hornby was born.

1884: George Johnson Crimlis married Annie Elizabeth Sargent in Drypool, Hull.

1891: UK Census: Places in Hull where Crimlisks and relatives lived:

3 Bean Street:

1892: Gladys D Borrett was born

1897: Mary Ann Kitching married Thomas Sutton Dawson in St. Matthew's Church, Hull.

1901: Frank W Crimlis married Edith Hornby in St Mark's Church, Hull.
1901: Zachariah H Crimlis was born in Sutton-upon-Hull.

1902: Jane Skelton married George Samuel Johnson at the Parish Church of St. Stephen.

1903: Florence Amelia Littlewood was born.
1903: Elsie M Levitt was born.

1904: Elsie Mary Crimlis was born.

1905: Mary Crimlis was born.

1908: Charles Robert Crimlisk married Jane Darling

1909: Lawrence Wiliam Jarvis was born.

1911: Kenneth Crimlis was born

1911: UK Census: Places in Hull where Crimlisks lived:

379 Hessle Road:

751 Hessle Road:

1912: Joseph Crimlis married Elizabeth Jane Cammish.

1914: John L Crimlis was born
1914: Tom Crimlis married Una Gladys Clubley in SS Mary and Peter, Hull, UK.
1914: Charles Robert Crimlisk was born in Hull.
1914: Lily Johnson was born.

1915: Mary Crimlis died in Hull (Sculcoates district)
1915: Ellen D Crimlis was born
1915: Margaret Crimlis married Cyril Harrison in SS Mary and Peter, Hull.
1915: Francis was born in Hull.

1916: Mary Crimlis was born
1916: Joseph L Crimlis was born

1919: Tom Crimlis was born

1920: Ronald Crimlis was born.

1921: UK Census: (No data released):

1921: Cyril Crimlis was born

1923: Margaret Crimlis died, aged 29.
1923: Zachariah H Crimlis married Florence Amelia Littlewood.

1924: Mary W Crimlis was born

1925: Robert EF Crimlis was born

1926: Mary Dawson married Joseph Crimlis in St. George's Road Methodist Chapel, Hull.

1927: Sylvia D Mitchell was born

1928: Frederick Crimlis was born
1928: Jean Kirk was born

1930: John RH Crimlis was born
1930: Una Gladys Clubley died aged 40.

1931: David Crimlis was born.

1931: UK Census: (No data released):

1932: Margaret Crimlisk was born.

1933: Ellen D Crimlis married William Jarvis

1934: Frederick Crimlis died, aged 5 years

1935: Elsie M Levitt died.
1935: Una Jarvis was born.

1936: Lily Johnson married Francis W Crimlis

1938: Lily Crimlis was born.
1938: Lily Johnson died.

1940: Tom Crimlis married Lilian Emms.
1940: Mary Crimlis died aged 84.

1941: Glynis Crimlis was born in Hull.

1942: Gladys D Borrett married Matthew Crimlisk.

1943: Peter Dodsworth was born.

1944: Mary W Crimlis married Cyril Parkinson.

1949: Robert EF Crimlis married Jean Kirk.
1949: John W Crimlis was born.

1950: Jane Johnson died.
1950: Cyril Crimlis married Irene Dorothy Bloom in Hull.

1951: George Samuel Johnson died.

1952: Edith Crimlis died aged 68 years.

1953: David Crimlis married Sylvia D Mitchell.

1957: Joseph Crimlis died aged 67.
1957: Ian Crimlis was born.

1958: Alison M Crimlis was born.

1965: Peter Dodsworth married Prudence S Crimlisk.

1966: Elizabeth Jane Crimlis died.
1966: Lawrence Wiliam Jarvis died.

1970: Elizabeth Crimlis married David K Dyble at St. Michael's and All Angels, Hull.
1970: Florence A Crimlis died in.

1972: Tom died of pneumonia in the Kingston General Hospital, Hull.

1974: John W Crimlis married Kathleen Cunningham.

1981: Ian Crimlis married Lynn Huddlestone.

1989: Ellen D Jarvis died.