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John RH Crimlis, Hull, UK., 1930 - ?

John RH Crimlis

P139: In full: John Robert Hunton Clubley Crimlis
b. 1930 in Hull;
m. ?;
d. ?.

Image: John Crimlis
Source: John Crimlis
Photographer: Unknown

John was the sixth and last child and fourth son of Tom Crimlis and Una Gladys Clubley.
See: Chart F068

1930: John was born in Hull, registration was in the last quarter 1930, sub-district Hessle.1,2

2011: June 2011 interview with John Crimlis.
Noting the change from Thomas Crimlisk
to Francis, John, James, Thomas, Crimlis.
John related a Crimlisk family story to the effect that Thomas had instructed his sons to drop the letter "k" from Crimlisk and hence to become Crimlis. This was done for fear of being identified with royalty in the event of a communist style revolution.

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