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Thomas Crimlis, Flamborough, 1841 - 1922

P010: A.k.a. Thomas Crimlisk,

b. 1841 Flamborough;
m. 1863 Filey;
d. 1922, Wortley, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Thomas was the fifth and last son of Thomas Crimlisk and Catherine McDevitt.

See Thomas Crimlisk & Catherine McDevitt's family group

1841: "Thomas was born in Flamborough on 10th August 1841
The birth was registered1 in Bridlington by his mother Catherine who, evidently, was unable to write since instead of a signature she made her mark in the form of a cross. On this birth certificate the occupation of the father is given as "Preventative Service". The baptism of Thomas took place in St Peter's Church, in Scarborough, on the 6th September 1841 and the Godmother was Mary McDevitt." See "The first of the Crimlisks" for the full article.
1841: Thomas was baptised in St Peter's RC Church in Scarborough

1851: UK Census, Thomas is listed as living in Filey, age 9, see Filey 1851.

1861: UK Census, Thomas is listed as living with his parents in Filey, a Fisherman aged 19, see Filey 1861.

1863: Thomas married2 Elizabeth Jenkinson, his surname is transcribed "Crimlis"
1863: Matthew Crimlis was born in Filey.
1866: Thomas Crimlisk born.
1869: Matthew Crimlis died in Filey.
1869: Mary Ellen Crimlisk born.

1871: UK Census
recorded Thomas aged 28 living at Moseys Yard, Filey with Elizabeth, Thomas, and Mary Eleanor

1871: Matthew Crimlisk was born.
1875: Sarah Ann Crimlisk was born.
1878: Kate Crimlisk was born.

1881: UK Census:
Thomas was "Mate" on board the "Mary Jane" in Dock in Grimsby. His son Thomas was also on board aged 14.

1882: Margaret Crimlisk was born.
1885: Thomas suffered fromthe demon drink and was fined 1 for his behaviour.

1891: UK Census:
Thomas was living in "Yard", Queen Street Filey, see Filey 1891 for details. .

1911: UK Census:
Thomas aged 68 was living at No 6 Marriners Yard, Filey, and employed as the caretaker at the Constitutional Club. See Filey 1911 for details.

1922: 24th October, 1922. Thomas died at age 80 years in Ecclesfield, West Yorkshire, (registration district of Wortley), his name is recorded as "Crimlisk".3

We believe that Thomas, like his brothers Francis, John, and James, preferred "Crimlis" as his surname as this is recorded at his marriage, and for the birth of his children. However, there are places where Thomas used "Crimlisk" (e.g. 1911 Census return), showing that the two spellings were seen as interchangeable.

See: Chart F010

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