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Charles Robert Sargent, Hull, 1883 - 1959

P241: A.k.a. Charles Robert Crimlisk by adoption of his father's surname.
b. 1883;
m. 1908;
d. 1959.

Charles was the first child of George Johnson Crimlis and Annie Elizabeth Sargent.
See: Chart F020

1883: (Q4): Charles Robert Sargent was born in Hull. 1
1883: 25th October 1883: Charles Robert Crimlisk was born in Filey. 5
The above two statements cannot both be literally true. It is thought that his birth was in Hull and that he was "a man of Filey" when he joined the services.

1901: UK Census:
Charles was living in Swanns Yard, Queen Street, Filey. See Filey 1901. By this time he had adopted his father's surname, "Crimlisk".

1908: (Q3): Charles Robert Crimlisk married Jane Darling.2
1914: Charles Robert Crimlisk was born in Hull.
1917: James Crimlisk was born in Filey.
1918: James Crimlisk died, aged 0.
1920: George J Crimlisk was born in Filey.
1922: John Crimlisk was born in Filey.
1928: Grace Crimlisk was born in Filey.
1959: 17th December, 1959: Charles Robert Crimlisk died in Filey.3, 4

See: Chart: F241

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