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  • January 2011
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The Spurn Point Lifeboat

30th May, 1923, Royal Inspection of the Spurn Lifeboat Crew

Prince Edward, prince of Wales, visits the crew of the Spurn Lifeboat

Although the quality is very poor (newspaper cutting is very fragile) this is a picture of Prince Edward, the Prince of Wales, inspecting the crew of the City of Bradford with Robert Cross just behind him. George M Crimlisk is third from right.
On the reverse of the photo is a report of the day Surrey played Glamorgan at the oval with Glamorgan's first innings producing 148 runs, and Hampshire played the West Indies with Kennedy scoring 6 for 58. 30th May 1923.

Spurn Lifeboat - Crew Photograph

 the crew of the Spurn Lifeboat

Spurn Lifeboat - Crew Photograph. George M Crimlisk is fourth from the left, and Robert Cross is far right.