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UK City of Culture:
2017 - 2021

If you wish to come to an Open Practice, or the Regional Handbells Day, contact us


Tuesday 14th,   9:30, Hull
Open Practice
Tuesday 14th,   19:30, Location TBA
PB Major / Kent TB Minor
Sunday 19th, 11:30, M Weighton
Open Practice
Tuesday 21st,   9:30, Hull
Open Practice
Tuesday 28th,   9:30, Hull
Open Practice

Tuesday 5th,   9:30, Hull
Tuesday 12th,   9:30, Hull
Tuesday 19th,   9:30, Hull
Tuesday 26th,   No meeting

Last update
12th November 2017

Major update completed
1st May 2017

  Home Ringing Learning Teaching

Stage 1: Getting up to "Base Camp"

  Intro R&C Plain Hunting Plain Bob

Stage 2: "Base Camp" to "K2"

Double Bob Treble Bob Cambridge Surprise London Surprise

Stage 3: Beyond "K2"

Seven to Heaven Method Madness You call it Progressions

Double-Handed Change Ringing

The music of the bells
is the music of mathematics.

It's all in the mind, become a handbell ringer
and your mind will never be the same again.

We built this site to encourage and enable people to learn handbell ringing. But in doing so we embarked on our own learning process and many of our "lessons learned" are embedded in this website.

Q: What's all this about "Base Camp" and "K2"?
A: It's a mountaineering metaphor.

Mountaineering is all about teamwork, skill, and achievement; the cook is as vital the leader.
Bellringing is nothing without teamwork, skill, and achievement; there are many different roles.

When you reach Base Camp, (Plain Bob), take a breather, assess what you've learned, commit to your next goal, learn some more, gather your energy;
then go for it.
K2? (Surprise Minor?) It's a pinnacle, but not the highest.
Beyond K2? That's up to you and your team (band).
You define your own "Everest".

"Promoting double-handed change-ringing throughout the East Yorkshire region". NB.


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