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April 2016, "Dragons"

Eight story tellers, three audience, one ceramic dragon, and several apologies for absence; plenty of craic and booze, and a veritable feast (thank you), in east Hull.

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The theme proved to be a story telling inspiration for many.

It seems that dragons are as diverse in their persona as homo sapiens, and at least as ancient in their myths and legends.

Julie C

Demonstrated why the picky dragons of Bulgaria prefer virgins as their essential food, and how flossing is important.


Told us of how Filey Brigg is actually an ancient sunken serpent, ensnared by its love of sweet and sticky cake. Cath also brought photographs to prove the truth of the story.

Julie V

Her three poems ended with a virginís eye view of a dragonís red red lane, made red by the consumption of juicy raspberries, and complemented by the dragonís desire to lie on its back and to have its tummy tickled.


- had us roaring our support for the hunting of the SNALLYGASTER, a rampant, huge (How Big?), American monster in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Gave us the good dragon poem, and then regaled us with tales of policing a football match at Elland Road.


The dragon of Serbia needed extra cunning, dogs, a hawks, bagpipes, and a violent third son of the reigning monarch to defeat the hungry dragon. (N.B. the webmaster views the use of the pibroch as a war crime against dragons).


Theodoreís stinky garlic and onion breath saved the dragon kingdom from the tyranny of a nasty pirate.


Tristan (the dragon slayer) and Isolde (the healer) were given another outing.


The meeting agreed to use the proposed constitution as a basis of moving forward with Story-telling in the Hull and East Riding area, and including the facilty to apply for grants to fund some wider activities.