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3rd and 4th September 2016

"Freedom Festival"

Hull Story Tellers were active both on the wet Saturday and the sunny Sunday.

Andrea, Angela, David C, David O, Elaine, Garry, Graham, Helen, Jordan, Julie V., Lydia, Phil, Robert, Steven, Zoe and Peter, with much support from Rupert!.

Freedom Festival - Word on the Street

Nuclear families were sheltered from the falling rain.

Happy trios of lively young ladies were treated to many different stories, and in some cases recounted a story of their own.

Some brave souls asked for a shaggy dog story.

Richard H:

The irrepressible Richard Harries had a poetry marathon. On the Saturday I sat down 15 minutes before I was due to go on and a very lovely elderly lady sat next to me and told me she loved poetry. I read allsorts to her for a marathon of 50 minutes, I varied the poems as we were joined by others all the time. This included children and she warned me when they were approaching as I had ghost stories amonst my poems. She left saying she would love to stay longer but was very cold. I continued on reading poems for another 25 minutes so had a non stop session of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • Into the Cave
  • Leonaora the Lobster
  • A light for Hull (William Wilberforce)
  • Amy (Yes That Wonderful Amy) (Amy Johnson)
  • Those Airfix Kits
  • The Shire Horse and the Ponies
  • Karma
  • The Headless ghost and the Wolves
  • Licquorice the Pig
  • The Burlesque Dancers and their Er Um Boobs
  • It's Happened
  • Eileen and her memory
  • The Hero of the Humber (John Ellerthorpe story)
  • Butterfly In Danger (a tale of escape to freedom)
  • Winkie the Wonder dog
  • Unsinkable Sam
  • The Egg Hatches
  • My Cinderella Story
  • Selfies (A Tale of the Freedon Festival)
  • It's Not Fair

Larkin Toad tales :

  • The Punk Toad
  • Tiger Toad Goes Travelling
  • The Tale of the Harlequin Toad

I was walking back to town on Saturday evening on Princes Dock Street when two teenage lads came up to me and told me they had loved my poems, which they had seen at our event earlier in the day on Queen Street, and asked me to do some more. So I kind of street busked. I did

  • It's Happened
  • Beautiful Girl in Bulgaria
  • It's Not Fair

and by the time I finished there were about 15 teenage girls and boys standing around listening! They shook my hand and were on their way.

Peter (tellings):

Peter is nearly famous, he must be, people were taking photographs with which to blackmail him!

  • The Tea Man (2)
  • Theobald the Dragon (3)
  • Isaac and Raphael, The Hull Fairtrade Chocolate story (3)
  • Geoff Whitefoot (2)
  • The Classroom (2)
  • Sally Twig
  • The Rairi bird
  • Wali Dad, The Man Wo Wanted Nothing
  • Haimish at the Highland Games
  • Haimish at Loch Lomond


Had a lovely couple from Grimsby with some interesting tales to tell.
A father rescued by Icelandic People after being sunk by a U-Boat during the Second World War.
Plus tales of Christmas fortnight in Grimsby - when the fisherman returned with their catch.

  • The Tale of the Whale new for the Festival
  • The Flute Player
  • King Billy
  • Rabbit and Friends find Fire
  • The Bakers Daughter
  • The Gingerbread Man


  • Thomas Ferres
  • Yorkshire Boggart
  • Freedom bird
  • Coastal erosion
  • Magic Kettle

"My Family and other Southeners"

The stories were about my ancestors' connection with slavery in America's Deep South during the 1700s.

(Andrea spent quality time on her knees owing to the shortage of chairs).


Dave spouted his usual nonsense to all and sundry!