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26th August 2016, "I do Like to be Beside the Seaside . . ."

Beside the Seaside

seaside, holidays, travel, childhood etc"

Andrea, Cath, Julie C., Julie V., Richard, Elaine, Steve and Andrea's daughter Molly and friend Abi - who were just pleased to listen!.

"A Teenage Holiday"

Remembered with my parents, two older brothers and German Shepherd dog in which we travelled from Birmingham to Shropshire in a Citroen 2-CV; lurching around corners and pushing it up the steep hills of the Long Mynde. My Dad had forgotten the key to the cottage we rented and drove the 100 mile round trip home and back to get it, leaving the family plus dog stranded for five hours on a hillside full of sheep which the dog wanted to eat! None of us had the nouse to check whether a window might be open - we accepted our fate, shivering and hungry as the sun went down over the Wrekin. After watching Dad struggle back up the steep hill in the little car, my mother said, "Honey - did I turn the iron off his morning?"

Julie V:
"Songs and Poems"

Julie sang some beautiful songs and read several poems, one of which was about the freedom of walking and enjoying nature.
Songs were:.

  • 'Cam' ye o'er frae France'
  • 'A Day's Walk'

Richard H:
"Poem: Into the Cave"

Gave us the story of a 12 year old boy who wanders into a honeycomb of caves in Cornwall and gets lost. He realises he has foolishly given up freedom and - after being rescued - realises how much freedom is worth.

"The Devil of Riley Brigg"

Riley Brigg is a reef of rocks jutting out on the headland at Riley Bay. A danger to fishermen, it was said to be the work of the Devil, determined to hinder their trade. While building the Brigg, the Devil dropped his hammer into the sea. As he plunged his hand into the sea to grab it, he pulled out a haddock instead, shouting, "Ha, Dick", which is how the fish got its name and - folklore has it - it explains how the haddock got its distinctive markings, which are said to be the handprint or mark of the Devil.

"Iduna and the Golden Apples "

Norse tale of Iduna and the Golden Apples in which Iduna produces the apples from magic. She gives them to the Gods to retain the eternal youth.

Julie C:
"Spurn Point"

Was rescued from Spurn Point by the coast guard because she had lost the keys to their caravan!

"Withow Gap"

A walk alomg the East Yorkshire coast from Skipsea to Withow Gap. Click Download Story to see the full story.