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May 2016, "Tales from Home"

Eleven story tellers, a good audience, abundant cake, and a homely welcome in Lydia's Cakeaway. Funds were raised for "Open Doors", a social project running at Princes Avenue Methodist Church, Hull.

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Tales from Home

The theme provided a flexible guide leading to entertaining and diverse stories.

Andrea was compere for the evening.

"Little A"

Brought along "Little A" (pr: liddl-ay) and told how Little A loved the animals in the Appalachian mountains, how her father was a professor, how she talked to the horses, and how she fell asleep listening to a lullaby sung by mother Andrea. Aaaah, aint she sweet.

"The Way Home"

Had Pietor, a city gent, lost in snow in the forest (NB. bears and wolves) in Latvia. Whilst the smell of cooking didn't get Pietor back to the cottage, it did attract the wolves, and they created the track for Pietor to follow. And so a bony thank you is always given to the wolves at Christmas.

"The Old Lady of the Mountain"

Nomadic tribes in North America faithfully pay homage to the old lady who has, forever, lived in a cave with her dog. When will the world end, and is the destructive dog a good dog or a bad dog?

"What am I, a seal or a man?"

Steve's Irish ancestry includes people called Cain which is gaelic for seal. One brave ancestor lost a magic cow and only avoided a lifelong sentence by fathering 900 babies (which became the seals). To be continued.

"Liverpool born, Liverpool bred"

Cath's story from the hospital ward (she was there) incuded a mix-up over babies.

"Don't play in the road"

Cats, kittens and dogs, and when the cat goes "woof" the nasty dog turns tail and runs. It just goes to show the importance of a second language.

"A Home Full of Dragons"

Has lots of Dragons at home, Chinese, Russian, Welsh, even Iranian, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they do more good than harm.

"The Last Holiday on Arran"

A very eventful, family camping holiday led to the discomfort of a primary school teacher.


Trudy was the dalmatian puppy at home. And even the chairman of ICI can make a mistake over Dalmatian puppies. A doggy tea party, now there's an idea.

"Where is home"

Wise folk in the Isle of Ancholme stay in at night when the creatures of the dark seek to kill the moon. With a coffin, a candle, and a cross; the marsh men saved her.

"Sing them alive"

And Julie did sing, for a bigger and better box; to be opened when she felt safe, and then she sang us alive.