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16th September 2016

"An evening in the Old English Gentleman"

Joan V-E and partner, Dave O, Cathy C, Peter C, Roslyn, Steve and Elaine, plus assorted Zem, Tony, Chris C, Chris W, Jan C, - who were just pleased to listen, and John and Rosie who sang for us !.

No theme, open house.

A night in the Old English Gentleman

Two rounds of stories ensued, the first rounded off nicely by a solo from Rosie, and the second by a duet from John and Rosie from the recent play - "No Escape - Hull and the Press Gang", 5 members of the cast were present (very appropriate for the venue).

"The Merchant of Baghdad"

The Merchant's son eventually brings home the goods and the genie, but in the son's desperate moment the genie places him in the horns of a dilemma. The general feeling in the club was that the son should take the money, but Steve left the ending for another night.

Dave O:
"Somewhere in Khatmandu"

A story relating to Mallory's last expedition to Everest.

On a lighter note, Dave also gave us: "I Bought Myself a Dalek".

"The Sally Twig"

Johnny got more than he bargained for on his way home.

"Haimish and the Goat" was followed by "Haimish at the Highland Games". If you want to know more, and you probably don't, ask Peter.


Cath gave us "Thoughts on various herding festivals and a short poem about rules for fools."

"The Humber Monster"

We were left wondering if the monster was a marauding whale or a wind turbine factory!

"The Gentle Giant"

Oscar Wilde's story never fails us.
Shaggy dogs also made an appearance in the form of a pigeon-toad ballerina.


Recited in a broad scottish accent 'To a Louse: On Seeing One On A Lady's Bonnet , at Church. 1786'


Sang a beautiful solo at the end of the first half entitled "At The Earl de Grey" or "The Oldest Profession".

John and Rosie:

Sang "Man of War, Boys" at the end of our second half.