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February 2017 - Made in Hull

Six story tellers, a poet, and Julie V (who writes poems and sings songs and tells stories) entertained each other with stories, poems and craic in the Kingston Hotel.
"Made in Hull" is the first season of the 2017: The City of Culture.

Hull Story Club

Made in Hull: "The Blade"; photograph by Chris Church.

Dead Bod

Richard H

Gave us a poem on "The Hero of the Humber",
John Ellerthorpe.


(Made in Sheffield). Related a story from 1836 relating to the accidental bigamy of a whaling man's wife caused by the delayed return of "The Diana". Sad story but the baby survived.

Julie (V)

Not "Made in Hull" but "Met in Hull".
We love:

  • Chocolate
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Making things together

And then there was a spooky anecdote about Solsbury Hill.


("Made in Liverpool")
Related the story of Sir John Hotham's denial of entry to the King on April 23rd, 1642, and sundry related anecdotes including a maharaja story.

Richard responded with a poem on the divine right of kings and people power.


("Made in Nottingham, inspired in Hull")
How the "The Tinker of Telemucht" came to be /
salmon of knowledge.
Click here to listen again to the story as told by PatTheHatSpeight.


(Made in the Wirral) told three short stories including salt and pepper, cannabilism, and the washing machine in the dowry.


Came back in with "Directions on the Fish Trail"
leading to
"Step Right in the Land of Green Ginger".


(Made in Beverley). Related anecdotes of people of Hull who would not be put down. There's more to come on this topic.


(Made in London). Recounted the story of Thomas Ferris, the "poor boy makes it good and gets the squire's daughter". The Beggar's Bridge in Glaisdale is proof of the veracity of the story.


The "death count" for the night (Elaine 3, Cath 2, Peter 1, (but commuted to eternal life in a waterfall)) was enhanced by Richard's serial murderer (3). To balance things up Ros told us a poem, "The Big Cry", and Cath read 'One Last Soul' the legend of "Dead Bod".