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June 2017 - Dreamtime

A gentle evening of stories and music in the Old English Gentleman. Some came to play, some to tell, some to listen, some came to listen and told stories anyway.

Steve O.

Following a short piece on the psaltery, Steve talked about how the south wind brings the spring


Brought a story from the Inuit Dreamtime of how the blind son dived three times to regain his sight and later defeated the wicked stepmother.

Steve L

Told the aboriginal story how Wiamba met Gugu, how stealing wives causes war, how the protective shield became the turtle's shell, and how fish became slippery .


Reminded us of the story of John Chapman, the pedlar of Swaffam, and the dreams in relation to London Bridge.


Read some of his own poetry relating to dreams.


Told how dreams are an unseen part of life, and how tobacco smoke laden prayers could lead to a God given instant harvest and an Indian summer.


Rainbow Serpent

Recounted the story of the Rainbow Serpent, the spirit of the sky.

Steve O

Young and foolish in 1976 Steve met the little people possibly in a dream. They will keep their promise if ever he can play the whistle perfectly.


Recounted the story of how the animals worked together to defeat the weather leading to the appearance of the Sun Goddess and why the Australian Magpies sing their lovely song. Click Madrigal Magpie to hear the song.