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Hull Storytellers


Jan: Is it All Over?
Feb: Valentine's day
Mar: Cath Edwards
Apr: Room 101
May: Victory
Jun: The Peasants Revolt
Jul: The Promised Land
Aug: Water Walk
Sep: Freedom Festival
Sep: Migration
Oct: Autumn Feast
Oct: Pilgrimage of Grace
Nov: AGM / Time and Tide
Dec: At the Zoo

February 2018 - "All For Love"
(Valentine's Day)".

Seven story tellers and two poets entertained each other plus three friends with stories and craic.

Hull Story Club

A thin strand of emotional love appeared in some of the stories.

Variety is the spice of life.


Waded through the murky waters of the flatlands between Barton and Scunthorpe in the days when drainage was first installed, and how the locals evetually managed to get the curse lifted.


"The Snow Queen", frozen River Thames, Romance on Ice.
The Good Dragon's search for a soulmate.
Valentine's Day, the costliest day of the year, especially for buying exploitative flowers.


Recounted the numerous gods from many ages who contributed to the wisdom of Minerva.


Performed three poems of Irish origin, well they all involved Tullamore Dew.


A story from the Netherlands.
Jan's does not return from his last voyage and his fiance's patient search for him leads her to pay the ultimate price with her soul and beome a mermaid.

Jan becomes a lighthouse keeper.

Pedley Steve

Jack and Jill's well has been privatised and is guarded by a thug bearing a club who was looking for payment in kind from Jill. Jack and Jill suffer a Valentine's day entanglement at the bottom of the hill only to be interrupted by the arrival of the bucket at Jack's head.

Steve (L)

Recounted how the local poacher, up on t'wolds, met his comeuppance, was morally convicted of murder of his wife (resuscitated during the story) in the presence of a fish, a rabbit and a pheasant who were re-incarnations of three of his children. Given the number of his children still at large as game animals, the poacher has to become a vegan.


Told the story of Ruth and the breadloaves, (from King Solomon's times). Justice was done but eventually Ruth had to close the conversation with King Solomon with "Don't be daft"!


Gave us the story of the origin of "Teflon", the name given to the offspring of a family liaison formalised as the (forced) wedding of Julie to our Malc.

The wedding reception featured, vol-au-vents, chicken drumsticks, a pack of feral dogs, and Julie's corsets in aunty Ivy's bag.