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March 2018 - Cath Edwards

"Unconsidered Trifles", or "Old Tales for New", or "New Tales for Old".

Wednesday 14th March: 19:30, at Union Mashup, 22 - 24 Princes Avenue. HU5 3QP.
Tickets: £5.
Three club members gave us a warm up before Cath's Part 1, a refill of vessels and a raffle of prizes then set us up just nicely for a song, a couple more stories from the locals and a fitting Part 2 from Cath Edwards.

Club Spot.


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“Ash Pet”
Cinderella tale from the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee.

Ash Pet got the coal and the prince, wicked stepmother and ugly sisters ended up under a bridge with a troll.

Julie V

“The Search”
Sad princess travels the world and fetches up in salty old Copenhagen.

Passes the Pea Test.

Complementary song, to boot.


“True Red Riding Hood”
In truth, just about every fairy story character and plot imaginable was a guest star in this crossover tale. It was Grandma who ate the magic mushrooms instead of the Big Bad Wolf.

Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks ended up in some kind of relationship.

Cath Edwards - Part 1, "Unconsidered Trifles".


Little sister told Father that Igor ate grandmother, mother, and big brother.

But then, who ate Igor?

Watch out Dad!

“Two Brothers”

One did all the work, the other one sat in a grove on a hill dreaming of dewdrops.

But take away the dreams, and what’s left?


Emperor came under the spell of wife Fastrada, it was the gold ring that enchanted him. Found a final resting place in Aix-la-Chapelle which is why Charlie built his palace there. Quite near Maastricht, but that’s another story…

Club Spot.

Pedley Steve

Song: “The Man from Luddenden Dene”,
and the audience joined in, sort of. He lived in the house that Jack built.


“The Prince and the Hare”,
two brothers consumed by the hare, who was a witch. Third brother went on a long journey to find the witches’ power, in a castle by a lake with a dragon. So many victims of the witch resurrected they had to build Milton Keynes* to house them all. *[City of the Living Dead]


Song: “Mobile Static Ops”, true story of West Yorkshire’s finest staking out crims, pissing on rhubarb, hiding in broken down lorries and being towed halfway to Liverpool. But they always got their man…

Cath Edwards - Part 2, "Unconsidered Trifles".


stuck on Crete in the time of King Minos. Song about Icarus thrown in, guess the last word of every verse.

“The Man Who Knew the Importance of Minding Your Own Business”

Says it all about this shaggy dog story.

Poor John didn’t get the treasure.

“The Chinese Emperor Who Loved Maps”

shadows of two white cranes started all the trouble, looking like a map of China. Maps got larger and larger. Guess what a 1:1 map looks like?! He had to go.

“Old Woman with 12 books”

They were too expensive for the city folk to buy so she burnt them. All the knowledge of the world was lost. Moral? Pay up. Or invent the printing press…

Cath Edwards as guest story teller for the night provided an excellent evening for the club.