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Hull Storytellers


Jan: Is it All Over?
Feb: Valentine's day
Mar: Cath Edwards
Apr: Room 101
May: Victory
Jun: The Peasants Revolt
Jul: The Promised Land
Aug: Water Walk
Sep: Freedom Festival
Sep: Migration
Oct: Autumn Feast
Oct: Pilgrimage of Grace
Nov: AGM / Time and Tide
Dec: At the Zoo

July 2018 - The Promised Land.

The club met in Ye Olde White Harte, Hull.

Hull Story Club

Six or more story tellers regaled each other with apposite anecdotes.


How much land does a man need? (Tolstoy) Pahom buys 20acres but is he content? 125acres and still not content. Finally he tries for as much as he can walk in a day for 1000 roubles.


White River Sioux in North America tell the tale of a 1000year old lady whose porcupine quill embroidery is spoiled by a big black dog. If she ever finished this work, the world will end and no-one will find the promised land.

An old lady foxes the devil when he builds a bridge over the River Lune in Kirby Lonsdale so that she can get her livestock back. The devil couldn’t get her soul!


Baba Roga – Croatian wicked witch out foxed by Mishkin and Mashkin who had been sent by wicked stepmother.


Floating nun of Durham. Nun borrowed from Sacre Coeur had learned to float from secret journal of Sister Michael. Sister Perpetua on provost chair floating abpve Durham Cathedral. Eventually Sister Michael appears in sky and heads perpetua to the promised land.


Moons revenge (Joan Aitken). Seppy, the seventh son of a seventh son damages the moon and asks for a wish to be the greatest fiddler in the world. His wish is granted but not without troubles ahead.

Julie V

The mermaid and the princes. English version of a ‘Finalndsvenska’ folk song. The prince brings a gift for the Mermaid queen to see her maid.

Major Tom’s Diner. A version of the Suzanne Vega song only set in Luna City out in space.