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Jan: Is it All Over?
Feb: Valentine's day
Mar: Cath Edwards
Apr: Room 101
May: Victory
Jun: The Peasants Revolt
Jul: The Promised Land
Aug: Water Walk
Sep: Freedom Festival
Sep: Migration
Oct: Autumn Feast
Oct: Pilgrimage of Grace
Nov: AGM / Time and Tide
Dec: At the Zoo

May 2018 - Victory, We Shall Overcome.

Eight story tellers and one poet entertained each other and an audience member with stories and craic.

Hull Story Club

Persistence to the point of "overcoming" appeared as a theme in many stories.

Click Joan Baez sings 'We shall overcome' in 1963.


The old troll loves his cheese, but his raid is thwarted by the failure of the milk and a young child and a dog.

The troll's love of gold eventually saves the day.


With much perilous too-ing and fro-ing across the North Sea, coupled with a serial inability to communicate, many came to a greusome ending before Bjorn got lucky and became king of both Denmark and Iceland.


Reflected on the resilience of the people of Hull in the face of the horrendous bombing in WW2 before talking about the resilience of one young drug user whom she met in a professional capacity.


Recounted the founding of the first capital city of Poland and the significance of the White Eagle.


Retold the Jewish story of Esther and Mordecai, and how Haman got the noose he had planned for Mordecai, and Esther saved the Jews from genocide.


Had a delightful story and a lovely poem.

The Shire Horse.
Martha rejects her heritage but become a favourite by saving herself and the ponies from the fire.

The Two Lovely Swans.
The two girls were changed into swans but overcame the witch when they solved the riddle in the lake.


Had a photograph of a black airman proudly holding two white children, and told the related story of why the photogaph was taken. Sad ending.


Peter returned to the theme of finding truth, noting the old hag's injunction to tell the world that she, truth, is young and beautiful.

The young man grows old, and becomes truth, but is rejected by the public as being too fearful.

With assistance from Story he adopts a more pleasant personna and together they go forward to overcome bigotry and fake news.


Responded to the story of the black Canadian airman with an incident from Petula Clark's career which related to inter-racial touching. The story can be read online, see When Harry Met Petula.