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Hull Storytellers


Jan: Is it All Over?
Feb: Valentine's day
Mar: Cath Edwards
Apr: Room 101
May: Victory
Jun: The Peasants Revolt
Jul: The Promised Land
Aug: Water Walk
Sep: Freedom Festival
Sep: Migration
Oct: Autumn Feast
Oct: Pilgrimage of Grace
Nov: AGM / Time and Tide
Dec: At the Zoo

October 2018 - "Autumn Feast"

Eight entertainers met in the plotting room which was decorated, thank you Roslyn, in an autumn theme.

Hull Story Club - Autumn Feast

Roslyn, Julie V., Trevor, Steve, Elaine, Gavin, Fiona and Peter.
A visit from Trevor across the Humber Bridge could lead to some co-operative activities.


The blonde gets one over the yuppie bloke on the train, good chuckle.

Gallon of porter to slake the thirst at harvest time. The hat is a most important piece of clothing, it gives a man authority.


How the girl came to be an orphan, and moreover, how she pulled the wool over our student eyes until she graduated.

The day the head exploded.

Julie V

Manipulated our emotions with a shape shifting, horrible, foul mouthed, sweet as honeycomb dog.

Overflowing dreams.

ALso sang her own words of the song, "Sentient Beer", to the tune of Norwegian Wood.


How the North American Indians survived the famine and gave us an "Indian Summer".

The daughter meets the talking, funky, shape-shifting, all singing frog. Decapitation is the solution even if the bed looks . . . we will leave that to your imagination.


I don't give a **** (Rap).

Anti-institution (Rap).


It's all about standing up on the inside.


Gave us the truth in 2 parts.

The young man who has it all visits the old and manky crone in the cave, the crone, who is the truth, desires to be remembered as "young and beautiful".

The young man become old and naked truth, and is rescued by story, who is young and beautiful. Together they make a fine couple.


The white doe and the Norton family, told for practice for the Pilgrimage of Grace stories.

Carpenter and flautist, John, "puts his foot in it" (well the frozen guys feet actually) with an invitation to approach the fire.